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Heinz-Rühmann-Straße , Wiley

Student hall Prinz-Karl-Viertel

Ernst-Lehner-Str. 8, 86159 Augsburg


Single apartments
(incl. 3 apartments for disabled students)






    Size 16,5 m2
    Rent (incl. utilities) € 256,-
    Security deposit € 300,-
  Double apartments   4
    Size 16,5 m2 each half
    Rent (incl utilities)) € 232,- for each half
    Security deposit € 300,- for each half

Apartments for parents with a child   3
    Size approx. 67 m2
    Rent (incl. utilities € 621,-
    Security deposit € 900,-
  Maximum term of lease 6 semesters
  Internet access yes (12,- €/month+ 15,- € access costs)
  Waiting time 1-2 semesters
  Laundry facilities 4 washing machines
  4 dryers
  Car parking lots 86 (underground parking)
  Bedding for sale
(pillow, blanket, 1 set of linen)
€ 50,-
  Care taker

Mr. Ortmann
Office hours: Mon-Fri
8 am - 9 am
Tel: 0821/4506-831
Fax: 0821/4506832

roof terrace, cable connection, common room, pub, Garden
  Typical ground plan of a single apartment
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Public transit connection from the student hall to downtown Augsburg (Königsplatz)
The closest bus stop is "Prinz-Karl-Viertel"
Bus Line 41 direction Königsplatz
The ride to downtown Augsburg (Königsplatz) takes approx. 5 minutes.


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