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The City of Augsburg's Service Center - Foreigners' Registration Office, Service package, Event calendar, Semester Transit Pass, Useful Information, FAUST e.V.

Service Package
for international students in Augsburg

The "Service Package" for international students is to make the begin of their studies in Augsburg easier. The package is intended for students (not pupils attending a language course) who come to Germany to study for the first time.


The Service package includes:

a furnished apartment with a kitchen unit, shower and a toilet either in the student hall Göggingen or Lechbrücke for 6 months
legal guidance and psychological counselling at b!st, the Advising Center at the Studentenwerk Augsburg free of charge
the possibility to take part in the dormitory "tutor-program" and events, guidance, support - tailored especially to the needs of international students
city map of Augsburg
information brochure "Studieren in Augsburg und Kempten" with all relevant addresses and information
if desired, you can buy a blanket, pillow and sheets for additional 50,- €

if desired, a permanent access to the Internet for additional 75,- €

if desired, we can arrange a student health insurance for you (a health insurance is obligatory for all students in Germany)
Costs regarding the "Service - package I" -
student dormitory "Göggingen"
summer term or winter term
Service-package 6 months
april - september
october - march
= € 1.140,00
Security deposit for the apartment* =
€ 230,-
In total = € 1.370,00,-


Costs regarding the "Service - package II" -
student dormitory "Lechbrücke"
summer term or winter term
Service-package 6 months
april - september
october - march
€ 1.308,00
Security deposit for the apartment* =
€ 250,00
In total =
€ 1.558,00,-

*If no damage was caused to the apartment,
the deposit will be returned after the student moves out.

The Service-package can only be provided for foreign students who are coming for the first time for studying to Germany (not for students without enrollment). The "Deutschprüfung" has to be absolved, unless the classes are in English! The Certificate of Admission ("Zulassungsbescheid"), including the German language examination ("Deutschprüfung"), or the Certificate of Enrollment ("Immatrikulationsbescheinigung") are a precondition for obtaining the Package. Students may apply for the Service Package only twice.

The application deadline for the summer term is february, 28th,
for the winter term august, 31st!


If the number of applications exceeds the number of packages available, the packages will be awarded by drawing lots.


You are entitled to the services included in the Package first after: a) You have received a confirmation from the Studentenwerk that your application has been accepted and 2) your payment was credited to bank-account of the Studentenwerk Augsburg.


More information at:
Studentenwerk Augsburg - Housing Office
Eichleitnerstraße 30
86159 Augsburg
Tel.: (049) 0821 / 598 4918
Fax: (049) 0821 / 59 69 23
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